“We Need a New Economic Model, the Planet is Overburdened” – Mikhail Gorbachev

“We badly need a new economic model… We cannot continue living by ignoring environmental problems. The planet is overburdened… We do not have enough fresh water for the people.. Billions of people are subject to hunger today. So the new model must consider all these needs. This model must be more human and more nature oriented… We are all interconnected but we keep acting as though we are completely autonomous.” ~Mikhail Gorbachev


The following is a partial transcript for a recent video interview with former Soviet president and Nobel Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev on “The urgent need to save the planet,” presented by his non-profit organization Green Cross.

“The most important point is to ensure that our complex, quickly changing and developing world lives in peace. Otherwise we won’t be able to deal with any other problem. We must block any revival of the arms race, new militarization… Without peace there will be nothing.

In terms of the international community, we have gone through a very difficult period, with the financial crisis that struck the world in 2008-2009, and I feel we have not yet come out of this global crisis.

It has been described as a financial crisis, but in my [view] its been a comprehensive global crisis, and it demonstrates that the economic model that has been underlying all systems in practically every nation, but specifically the biggest countries like the United States… has failed.

This model has essentially brought us to the current crisis, so therefore, we need to change this economic model. We badly need a new economic model… that is not based on hyper profits and hyper consumption, but a model that takes into account the depletion of natural resources. It should not ignore the problems of social development, poverty and the social contradictions that exist in the world…

The main point is this model will fail if it does not consider the demands of the environment. This is not a requirement for tomorrow. It is a must for today. We cannot continue living by ignoring environmental problems. The planet is overburdened.

In 2011 the global population [reached] 7 billion. At the beginning of the 20th Century we were just 1.9 billion people on the planet, and now we are 7 billion and by 2050 there will be 9 billion. The planet’s capacity is already over extended.

We do not have enough fresh water for the people. Water shortages will give rise to various military conflicts, which I am sure will happen if we do not resolve the water problems. Same for energy and other challenges, including food security.

Billions of people are subject to hunger today. So the new model must consider all these needs. This model must be more human and more nature oriented, so the relationship between man and nature can respond to the challenges of the modern world.

Last but not least, we have not learned how to live with globalization. We are all interconnected but we keep acting as though we are completely autonomous… We need this new model. We must consolidate all our resources to create such a new model. And we need to finance research into all these problems. We must consolidate all the resources that human kind has to answer these questions.”

~ Mikhail Gorbachev ~

<link to full video>


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26 Responses to “We Need a New Economic Model, the Planet is Overburdened” – Mikhail Gorbachev

  1. John Willemsens says:

    Reblogged this on Advayavada Buddhism.

  2. Hariod Brawn says:

    Gosh, he has nailed it hasn’t he? I will distribute links about this. Many thanks.

  3. My Raphael's Legacy says:

    From the moment this man presented on the global stage he has been a force for positive change, an inclusive visionary who has always been prepared to hold out his hand of friendship and mutuality. If only there where more statesmen of the stature and integrity of Mikhail Gorbachev this planet would be in much safer hands. That said; big thanks for sharing this, sincere regards, Barry

    • Leo says:

      This guy was an incompetent idiot, who often said the right thing but did the wrong one, and the consequences of whose actions have plunged millions of Soviet citizens into misery, war and death.

  4. Val Boyko says:

    Such a powerful message. May powerful people listen and make different choices!

  5. Somebody tell this dude that what he’s talking about it’s already been advocated long time by Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph, and more recently by Russel Brand, and it’s called Resource Based Economy. Please do your research and let’s evolve beyond scarcity.

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  8. Simon Lawrenson says:

    I wonder what alternative economic system could do that? Hmm… let me think, oh yeah the one Gorbachev destroyed!

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  11. steve says:

    Sad to think that this man that represents the most murderous form of government; is touted as a savior: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_killings_under_communist_regimes

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  14. Alexander Hinsby says:

    I wonder what kind of “new model” he is referring to? Could it have something to do with centralizing resources, creating a harsher distribution of wealth etc. etc.? How did this work for you the last time you tried? I find it interesting that you would ever listen to advice about macro economic solution from a communist. Leninism is neither moral, nor does it work in practicality. Do your studies about Gorbachev. He is still a “true believer” in Leninism.

  15. David Lourie says:

    His mistake was he could not imagine the extent of the callousness that the free market neoliberalism would unleash. Many people here never saw it coming. We dragged neoliberalism through our city gates like it was a trogen horse.
    We celebrated neoliberalism, we toasted it as we drank its poison. And we still allow ourselves to be tricked by the fancy packaging of neoliberals, social housing, school choice, social entreprenuership while we can look down our noses at Gorbachev’s nativity we still beckon in the vultures disguised as messiahs
    Anyone done a background check on the founders of Ausralian New Zealand School of Government that Jacinda attended. We all love Jacinda but we also all loved Lange…. and remember the dead rats we had to swallow with him. My guess is that school of government is a neoliberal training ground teaching potential leaders how to continue to hand control from the state over to the private sector.

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  17. William says:

    We cannot accept any views contradict story
    to the truth of universe.

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