Christopher Chase
Fukuoka, Japan

Bio: Co-creator and Admin of the Facebook pages "Tao & Zen" "Art of Learning" & "Creative Systems Thinking." Majored in Studio Art at SUNY, Oneonta. Graduated in 1993 from the Child & Adolescent Development program at Stanford University's School of Education. Since 1994, have been teaching at Seinan Gakuin University, in Fukuoka, Japan.

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  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Great to see you finally joining the blogosphere, Brother!


  2. Thai Village says:

    I reblogged your post about Einstein because I thought it was wonderful. Thanks.

  3. GSFitzgerald says:

    Love your FB and blog, as well as Bob Ohearn’s too. Both keep me open and reinforce my realizations as well as motivate my activity to provide enlightened ideas to others. I share a lot of your stuff on my FB page. Hopefully I can get my blog up and running again soon, to contribute on a broader base to the cause. Peace ;-))

  4. Nicholas Stoodley says:

    Christopher, I came across your blog by accident and I like the way you express yourself. Perhaps you could contact me on nicholas.stoodley@gmail.com as I wish to talk to you about this blog. You can view my profile on Linkedin.



  5. Dylan Dean Gillaspie says:

    I’ve lived in England for the past three years and it has profoundly changed my world view completely, along with my own research. I have read the Dhammapada, The Upanishads, The Gita, The Tao Te Ching half of the Richard Wilhelm translation of the Book of Changes, the entire Holy Bible, the Kybalion, the Emerald Tablets of King Thoth, and a few books by Thoreau, Whitman, Einstein, and Bruce Lee. I am in the middle of compiling a theory that unifies these concepts into a workable and successful social system and I would love your input. You seem well-spoken and better read than me and I’m tired and quite frankly done discussing things of this nature with people who neither understand it nor have any interest in it. I was wondering if you would be interested in offering your expertise on a few things, it would be much appreciated. I cannot offer you any compensation other than the joy of good conversation, as Thoreau writes “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. I sat at a table where were rich food and wine in abundance, and obsequious attendance, but sincerity and truth were not; and I went away hungry from the inhospitable board.”

  6. Hi Dylan. Its a time of great change now. The ideas are all here, rising up with many of us, the challenge in my opinion is how to help get them out to people in creative and interesting ways. Stories, videos, songs, art work, essays, etc. If you would like to write, great, and I’d be happy to read what you are writing. Please share here. But key is keeping your audience in mind. And also humility I think. Peace.

    • Barbara S says:

      hi Christopher,
      – have just sent off a grant application – small for them, big for me – to the Templeton Foundation – project title ‘Creative Systems Thinking – The world at Heart’ and have truthfully referred to borrowing the first term from you while mentioning that my concept of educating for creative systems thinking has developed completely independently from your work. I have also put you down as someone I’d like to work with. I have got the submission as pdf which I can send you. But it’s early days. They say they decide by Oct 15 but it’s unclear whether one has to do a full application on top of the initial one before or after that date. Thanks for all the inspiration coming my way from you and best wishes,
      PS Are you still in Japan? Or back in the US? The work I propose for the grant is educational psychodrama workshops for NGOs etc – world-wide if not, online. Take care,

  7. Claire says:

    Thank you for your insightful blogs☀️😊
    See 15 year old creating art to heal

  8. liliana says:

    You are a great inspiration. Thank you very much! !
    I do not write well in English. (I’ve met you in ZFI (I do not yet have membership there)).
    Liliana, from SudAmerica

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  10. So very happy to have found you. Love and blessings Rachana (Australia)

  11. sunrisewellblog says:

    Hi Christopher,

    I found your blog and awesome ‘Inner Peace’ blog. I hope you don’t mind me posting the image on my facebook page and crediting you as my source?

    Looking forward to following your posts!

    Ruth 🙂

  12. thx for the postings here. A big inspiration in my life

  13. Thank you so much for your well-written response to Joanne Weiss’s article Competing Principles http://ssir.org/articles/entry/competing_principles#add_comment. I just slogged through her article and was so pleased to read the many comments refuting her assertions. ~Denise

  14. Hi. Loved your article i read. We are taking submissions for new contributors who would like to get more exposure for their published work in the Art Of MaryJanr Magazine’s 5th year celebration magazine release I was curious if you would like to contribute two articles with us in our next quarterly publication so i can help with your advocasy towards planetary awareness and spirituality. There is one about We can make a change with our planet (where u have the pic with the feet with a written message with black marker) and you have written about spirituality. Opening up the third eye would be cool for the 420 lifestyle magazine as well. Would love to open this door of opportunity and create a following for your writing inmout magazine possibly. If interested, please send your contact info. Would love to connect and atay in touch. Loved your articles.

  15. liliana says:

    Thanks Christopher! · Yoko and Lennon
    My best wishes of blessedness for all of your girls and boys, for all of yours and our world. For you.!
    South America

  16. Cipriana says:

    Hello! Could I please translate some of your articles to post on my blog about homeschooling? They are fantastic.

  17. Randy says:

    Very inspirational site

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  19. Barbara S says:

    wonderful stuff – keeps my spirit up every time it pops up on fb, so I thought I come over here to say hi for once (also have to limit the time I stare at the screen! 🙂

  20. Hariod Brawn says:

    Hi there Chris, Val sent me over, and I see Bob’s around. 🙂

  21. Irena says:

    What a great article. Thank you. It is mind blowing the teachings are out there, available to all… so simple …yet we are blind to it…
    Thank you for your wisdom.

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  23. Jack Xu says:

    Dear Christopher,

    Good day
    I am a learner of Zen. I found your zen group and applied to join.
    I produce zen gardens for zen practitioners. Below is our zen gardens. There are 15 styles and colors to choose.

    We would like to offer our zen garden free for you.

    As we all know that zen gardens can help zen practice, could you please review and share it if you like it?

    Looking forward the cooperation with you.

    Best Regards
    Jack Xu
    Zen Leaner

  24. Dinesh Nand says:

    Hello Christopher,

    Could you contact me via email at: dinesh.nand@hotmail.com

    Also if you get a chance have a look at FB page @VenSoul333. You will then understand why I am contacting you.

    Best regards,

  25. Shailendra Tiwari says:

    Hello Christopher,

    I liked your views , in Indian tradition mind has to be tuned and energized by sankalp ie combination of will power , knowledge power. power for action an energized mindful child when uses the language derived from sound leads to a thought , a thought so arrived gets converted in to action and creates. The education is all about recognizing this process and tuning your soul to justify its existence with awareness

  26. Muinuddin says:

    Christopher, your site is profound and most inspiring! I hope you can continue to maintain this work of great love and consciousness.

  27. Ravensong says:

    Would like to follow the blog, but see no “follow” button …. can you help?

  28. Arjan Mulder says:

    Hi Christopher,

    I like the views you share on Facebook (also on teaching and ecological matters) and on this blog.
    Do you intend to continu the blog?

    Regards, Arjan Mulder
    The Netherlands

  29. Erez Gam Eofgiants says:

    Hello Christopher,

    I read your writting on how to save the plant in my mini reaserch of how to spread the way to bring us back to our nature.

    For long time i have been mapping the ‘We need to understand how cultural narratives and scientific paradigms influence our worldviews. How beliefs shape our thinking, how thoughts influence feelings, how emotions regulate our actions, the way we view problems and experience our lives’ (quet from your writting) and the problem is out side of what we thinking and it is possiblle o save the plant – fast.
    Contact me – Erez.zaltsman@gmail.com

    Join to save the planet
    Back to Harmony

  30. Jari Visto says:

    Hi Christopher,
    I find your great visualization Ego-logical vs. Eco-logical from year 2014 all around on the internet, but I can’t see it to bee CC-licensed.
    Is it ok to use it in teaching?
    Jari Visto, Helsinki, Finland

  31. bagheramoon says:

    J’adore, merci from France…😉😘🙏

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  33. Philipp says:

    Hello Christopher!

    I just scrolled through your page searching for a visual that you once made – unfortunately could not find it.

    On the left hand-side it has the title “love” – on the right hand-side it has the title “hate”. I found it somewhere on the net a few years ago, printed it (in quite poor quality) and have it hanging on my work-desk to see it every day.

    It was signed by you in 2015. Is there any chance you could share this picture in a high quality with me? I would like to frame it. It is such a great and inspiring visualization.

    Kind regards, Philipp

  34. Hi Philipp, I call that LOVE/HATE, but looks like I cannot easily upload the illustration here. Please send me an e-mail and I will reply with an attachment.

  35. A Portugese lady inquired about the Eonstei and the Poet – In Search of the Cosmic Man book. I asked her how she heard of it and she directed me to your page How Einstein Saw the World. It is such a joyfor me to be guided to your blog. I studied for my MS in Materials Science at Stanford, receiving it in 1975. I chose to help my mentor William Hermanns instead of entering into engineering. It was well worth the wisdom journey. Thank you, Christopher.

  36. Oto says:

    Hi Christopher,
    You’ve created a lot of great content, great writings…
    I would like to communicate with you via email. I have one little offer/ idea/ wish.
    Please contact me if you feel like…

  37. Rob Milyko says:


  38. 2544k says:

    Great and inspiring.

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