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Looting the Education Sector, by Ira Shor

“This private war on public education is not about “learning” or “cognitive development” of kids or “closing the achievement gap” etc., it’s about looting the education sub-sector and undermining two large unions… It’s happened in all other sub-sectors of the … Continue reading

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The New Robber Barons – Steve Fraser

The following is from a transcript of Bill Moyer’s Dec. 2014 interview with historian Steve Fraser, author of “The Age of Acquiescence.” Fraser discusses the differences and similarities between the robber baron industrialists that rose into power in the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s, … Continue reading

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Human Creativity is Unlimited – Muhammad Yunus

“Human creativity is unlimited. It is the capacity of humans to make things happen which didn’t happen before. Creativity provides the key to solving our social and economic problems.” ~ Muhammad Yunus In the summer of 2012, Nobel Peace Prize … Continue reading

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“We Need a New Economic Model, the Planet is Overburdened” – Mikhail Gorbachev

“We badly need a new economic model… We cannot continue living by ignoring environmental problems. The planet is overburdened… We do not have enough fresh water for the people.. Billions of people are subject to hunger today. So the new model must consider … Continue reading

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