7 Reasons Bernie is Stronger Than Hillary Against Trump

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In order to unite the Democratic party and defeat Donald Trump in November it’s important to go with the party’s strongest candidate. Here below are 7 reasons why millions of Americans believe (and national polls show) that Bernie Sanders is a much stronger choice than Hillary Clinton.

1. In state-by-state match up polling against Trump, Bernie Sanders has consistently shown that he has the best chance of winning. With Hillary as the candidate the Democratic Party could lose in November. With Bernie, current polls predict it will be a blow out, with the Democrats winning easily. See: Sanders Stronger Against Trump in November (CounterPunch)

2. Hillary Clinton has many weaknesses and trust issues that Bernie has not focused upon but that Trump will attack. Bernie has focused on Hillary’s Wall Street and corporate connections, but there are other issues (such as the FBI’s e-mail investigation, Clinton Foundation corruption, Benghazi, Saudi Arabia arms sales, scandals of Bill Clinton, etc.) that he has avoided mentioning, which Trump and the right wing media are sure to target. See: Fox News story on Clinton Foundation Corruption & From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer (Atlantic Journal)

3. Secretary Clinton, like Trump, has negative favorability ratings, whereas Bernie is viewed much more favorably and seen as a person with integrity. The November election is not just about how Democrats feel, but how all the voters nationally feel, which includes over 40% of voters who are independent. Bernie is more trusted then either Trump or Clinton. This is one of the reasons he has been bringing in millions of young people and Independents to the Democratic Party. Bernie’s campaign represents a clear vision of the future, while Hillary is much too connected to large corporations and mistakes of the past. See: CNN Poll: Trump, Clinton Score Historic Unfavorable Ratings

4. Hillary Clinton’s greatest weakness is the perception that she is in bed with Wall Street, the power elites and corporations, that she has sold out. The millions of dollars in personal income that she has received from banks and corporations, and her refusal to share the speeches she gave to these institutions, feed that sense of mistrust. Both Bernie and Trump have been popular because of their outsider status and independence from the two political parties that most Americans view as being corrupt. But Bernie is more trusted than Trump, an egotistical showman, and Clinton, a lawyer turned politician who is secretive about her relationship with large corporations and financial institutions. See: The NY Times Just Perfectly Explained Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Speech Problem

5. Bernie Sanders has been doing well because he (not Clinton) has been the candidate with vision, fighting for transformative change and economic prosperity. Bernie has re-booted the formula that led to success with both Bill Clintion and Barack Obama. James Carville came up with a 3 part strategy in 1992, 1) Change, not more of the same, 2) It’s the Economy, stupid & 3) Don’t forget health care. This is the winning strategy, to carry the Democratic Party’s core values and vision forward into the 21st century, not helping to maintain Reagan era “trickle down” economics. Bernie represents the roots of the Democratic party, a return to FDR style New Deal policies that could once again lead to economic stability and prosperity for all Americans, not just the rich. See: Bill Clinton’s Successful 1992 Campaign Strategy & Why Bernie Sanders is Best for the Economy (CNBC Business News)

6. Many of Bernie’s supporters will not vote for Clinton, choosing instead to vote for Trump, Jill Stein or just sit the election out. If the Democrats want to win this year, best to go with Bernie. He will bring in tens of millions of Independents that Hillary has been unable to win over. He has inspired a whole new generation of young people, who are sick and tired of the corruption of the last 30 years. See: A Letter to Bernie’s Millennials (from a Bernie Boomer)

7. Both Hillary and Trump are members of the 1%, they both benefit from the rigged economy that the majority of Americans are sick of. Bernie will continue with his current campaign, to build it, targeting Trump in the way he has targeted Hillary. He can hit Trump hard in ways that Hillary can not. Bernie speaks for the “little guy” cause he is one of us, not part of the wealthy elites, the oligarchy that both Trump and Clinton belong to and represent.

~Christopher Chase, May 2016


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    7 Reasons Bernie is Stronger Than Hillary Against Trump
    ~Christopher Chase, May 2016

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