Bernie Supporters in NY Finding Voter Status Changed

voting rights

If you are a registered Democrat in New York it is important to check your status and then report any improper changes if you find them.

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters in New York have filed a lawsuit alleging election fraud, reporting that their party status has mysteriously changed (or been cancelled). This happened extensively in the Arizona primary, as confirmed by Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan.

Millions of Democrats north of the NYC metro area (where Sanders’s support is higher) must also deal with the fact that local primary voting hours are 6 hours less than polling stations for those who live in the vicinity of Manhattan (where Clinton’s support is higher).  The difference between upstate and downstate polling hours has been in effect for decades, and while ruled unconstitutional by a state judge in 1982, remains unchanged.

This is the voter registration page for New York state. Please check your status, and if there has been no change print out a copy to bring with you when you go to vote. If you find that your status has been changed please report immediately. Remember, this is a closed primary, so if you are registered as an Independent you can not vote on Tuesday.

If enough people report problems, the FBI will hopefully open an invetigation. US Department of Justice (DOJ) voting section, civil rights (202) 307-2767 or toll free (800) 253-3931.

Also, you should report a status change problem to Election Justice USA and contact Bernie Sanders’ legal team at 515-450-6960 or 918-587-8800. You may also write to the ACLU at 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004 or call 212-549-2500.

Know also that if your status as a Democrat was changed or there is any problem you have a right to request a provisional “affidavit” ballot (see NY State election law section ii here).

Take photos, screenshots or scans of all evidence, and a record of everyone you contact,of whatever notices you receive. Take photos of your voter registration.

When going to vote make sure you bring proper identification. Also, do not wear t-shirts or buttons showing your support of a candidate, as this is illegal.

Special thanks to Sue Wylie, Gina Hunley, Ismaell Omer and other members of the Bernie Sanders Activist group on Facebook for providing this information.



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