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How Children Naturally Learn

In order for educational settings to be successful they need to be aligned with how children naturally learn. Children’s innate curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, playfulness, individuality, imaginativeness, resourcefulness, social intelligence, and love of learning need to be respected and supported. See: Aligning Schools With How … Continue reading


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Did Former DOE Official Admit to Breaking U.S. Law?

“U.S. Dept. of Education officials write about accountability and evidence-based reforms, yet purposefully ignored decades of research on successful learner-centered whole school innovations and the dangers of high-stakes testing. Federal laws were ignored, new rules, measurement tools and standards were written out of thin air. … Continue reading

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Schools for Democracy – Deborah Meier

I’d like to share some insightful observations from one of the “real” pioneers in education reform, Deborah Meier. In this presentation she made in Chicago, from 2006, Dr. Meier talks about how most of America’s schools function as authoritarian institutions, where democracy and collaboration are neither practiced, … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Standardized Testing

“One of the problems with nations that become obsessed with standardized testing is that eventually test scores do rise, but at a very great cost. Over time, the psychological stress and self-doubt John Oliver described intensifies and becomes part of what a nation considers … Continue reading

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Flaws at the Heart of Current Education Reforms

“Teaching is an art form rooted in the wise and careful use of educational research and assessment tools. When government policy makers continue to implement evaluation methods and tools criticized by education professionals they are embarking on a very dangerous … Continue reading

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Why VAMs are Unreliable Measures for Evaluating Teachers

“Teachers who are in schools where there is a strong academic climate, where the peer culture is supporting academics, where the parents are supporting academics, where the teachers work together and learn from each other have a vastly easier time of it, than teachers who’s circumstances … Continue reading

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Standardizing Education – Common Core’s Hidden Agenda

Anthony Cody’s article from last year Classrooms of the Future: Student Centered or Device Centered offers a very important analysis, looking at the hidden agenda of Common Core and the technology industry. Anthony believes that the goal of “aligning” tests and curriculum with Common … Continue reading

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Educational Malpractice – The Child Manufacturing Process

“Asking kids to meet target on standardized tests is like making them meet a sales quota. Our kids are not commodities.” ~K.L. Nielsen In many nations around the world there is a struggle currently going on between two very different paradigms … Continue reading

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“Modern ADHD Epidemic is Fiction” – Ken Robinson

“This is the modern epidemic, the plague of ADHD, and it’s fictitious. Don’t mistake me; I don’t mean to say there is no such thing as Attention-Deficit Disorder… What I do know for a fact is it’s not an epidemic. … Continue reading

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Are Chicago’s School Closings Really a Land Grab?

“What we have been living for three decades is frontier capitalism, with the frontier constantly shifting location from crisis to crisis, moving on as soon as the law catches up. ” ― Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine By Christopher Chase Last Spring, when … Continue reading

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