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Ken Robinson: Government “Standardization” Blocks Innovative Education Reform

“I never blame teachers or schools… But there is this deadly culture of standardizing, that’s being pushed on them, politically. My core message here is that we have to personalize education, not standardize it. That all children are different, and … Continue reading


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Let a Child’s Spirit Be Free to Unfold – M. Montessori

“To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself, that is the first duty of the educator. For such a delicate mission great art is required to suggest the right moment and to limit intervention, last one should disturb or … Continue reading

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Why Corporate School Reform will Eventually Fail

The bottom line is this, you cannot get professionalism, compassion and commitment from teachers when you treat them like Starbucks employees. The corporate model of school reform, with it’s focus on charter schools, high-stakes testing and Common Core standards, ignores the reason the best … Continue reading

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A Nation’s Schools Reveal Our Hearts, by John Kuhn

“We only have to learn to love all kids like we love our own, to love kids in cities we’ll never visit, kids whose names and cultures and traditions may differ from ours. We have to love them enough to … Continue reading

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