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The Trouble with Standardized Testing

“One of the problems with nations that become obsessed with standardized testing is that eventually test scores do rise, but at a very great cost. Over time, the psychological stress and self-doubt John Oliver described intensifies and becomes part of what a nation considers … Continue reading

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Accountability & Test Scores – The Black Hole of Ed Reform

Recently, in Atlanta, 11 teachers were found guilty of racketeering for manipulating student test scores. At about the same time, in New York, Governor Cuomo passed a law that would set in place teacher assessment measures strongly tied to student test … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing

“The assessment itself is completely artificial. It’s not ranking teachers in accordance with their ability to help develop children who will reach their potential, explore their creative interests. Those things you’re not testing.. it’s a rank that’s mostly meaningless. And the … Continue reading

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More than just test scores, by Henry M. Levin

“In this scholarly critique of the international focus on test scores, Henry M. Levin, a prominent economist of education, reviews the importance of noncognitive skills. The idea of an international “race to the top” based solely on test scores makes … Continue reading

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