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Factory Model Education “Reforms” Were Designed for Product Testing, Not Children

“The factory model was developed to ensure quality control and produce identical “consumer” products cheaply. It is NOT an approach that should be used with children. Modern researchers and professional educators have come to understand that the human brain is wired for learning, and … Continue reading


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Why Opting Out from PARCC is Important

This week a number of mainstream media outlets (such as PBS News Hour) reported on students across the United States who are Opting Out of PARCC exam testing. They are supported by their parents, refusing to take these tests aligned with the Common Core standards. Many administrators … Continue reading

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Facilitating Powerful Learning Experiences

What are the most important factors for parents and teachers to be aware of that influence a child’s education and learning? Why do certain educational methods and designs lead to powerful learning while other approaches tend to result in student boredom, stress or failure? … Continue reading

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Educational Malpractice – The Child Manufacturing Process

“Asking kids to meet target on standardized tests is like making them meet a sales quota. Our kids are not commodities.” ~K.L. Nielsen In many nations around the world there is a struggle currently going on between two very different paradigms … Continue reading

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