Relationship and Unity – Everything is Connected

Relationship & Unity by Rob (Full English transcript below)

“Hi friends and welcome to the channel, Seekers of Harmony. My name is Rob and this time let us take a look at relationship.

Relationship is the root to unity. The inspiration for this session comes from the Lakota peoples code of being called Wo Lakota, which I loosely translate as The Way of Peace.

We can sometimes find ourselves stuck in our egoic perspective. Thoughts like poor me, I am alone, I am nothing.

However we are in fact in a deep relationship with an apparent endless connection with all that is. Without relationships the universe stops!

Relationship is movement; growth and decay; creation and destruction; contraction and expansion.

Often people think of relationship as a connection between people. It is this and soo much more. We have relationships with water, air, plants, animals-as well as people. We are in relationship with Life!

Now, consider not only what we relate to but how we relate to these things.

Take water for example. How do we relate to water? Water is life. No water, no life! Not ours, not any.

Yet, do we feel the life giving properties of life when we drink? How do we relate to water when we use it to rinse our vegetables? When we make a cup of tea or a pot of coffee?

What about when we shower and use it to clean and purify our bodies? What of rain and snow? Clouds? How about the puddle we accidently step in soaking our feet?

Know that our relationships can taint or enrich our lives. Our relationships are, in fact, supporting our lives; making them possible.

Relationships are the way of the Universe. The Universe is the source of humanity. Humanity is of the Universe. We are in a unity with it through our origins and relationships.

Seekers of Harmony, looking at ourselves as individuals is incomplete. Indeed, even the human body is a relationship of organs, tissues and processes. We are not truly independent but, rather, interdependent through our relationship with being.

Yet, the perspective of an individual does exist. Using this perspective in a constructive way, we can examine, for example, how we relate to breathing; our posture; what we eat and drink; how we stay fit through movements and exercise.

The Lakota people have a saying, that many utter or think when they meet each day: Mitákuye Oyás’in – meaning all my relations. Everything is interconnected. We are One!

Join and enjoy!”


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